Wands for SAP

SAP Data Like You’ve Never Seen it Before, Live in Excel.

Imagine your real-time SAP data securely available, and in Excel. insightsoftware Wands for SAP allow for real-time FICO reporting, as well as the ability to upload budget-planning data and financial transactions into SAP, all directly from Microsoft Excel. Because these tools are integrated with SAP and S/4HANA, you can download the software, install a transport, and begin reporting without a lengthy implementation. Using Excel-based solutions makes it easy to obtain, analyze, share, and present essential information when and how you need it.

Wands for SAP
Real-Time reporting and analysis in Excel from SAP

We understand what you need

Finance requires Excel, it is as simple as that. On a daily basis 73% of finance professionals uses Excel. Even most traditional Business Intelligence tools offer an ‘export to Excel’ functionality for self service analysis. We also understand SAP is complex. It requires an expert skillset that finance often lacks. GL Wand is an add-in to Microsoft Excel that allows for real-time financial reporting and analysis.

Faster: improve business efficiency

GL Wand for SAP

Accurate, flexible and fast reporting is essential for any business using SAP. Better cost center reporting, ad-hoc analysis and shorter month-end closing processes are critical as companies look to cut costs and maximize profits. 

See how GL Wand enables FI and CO business users to create their own reports using just Excel skills that refresh the latest SAP Financial data and drill down for deep analysis.

Smarter with Powerful drilldowns capabilities

Reports Wand for SAP

Navigating between SAP and Excel can be exhausting. Businesses are demanding real-time, accurate information and deep analysis, but users are left with unfriendly tools and the manual processes it takes to make reports presentable

See how Reports Wand, enables users to improve reporting processes, increase efficiency and how deeper business analysis is achieved.


Faster: improve business efficiency

Planning Wand for SAP

Many companies depend on Excel for creating and maintaining Planning models. Still, the manual processes required are inefficient and aren’t scalable for businesses. 

Planning Wand allows you to connect Excel directly to SAP. It enables the validation and upload of budget planning and forecasting data, reducing the frustrations of users.

Smarter with Powerful drilldowns capabilities


Getting financial data into SAP efficiently is essential to managing all aspects of your business, yet manually keying in entries steals precious time. 

GLSU is a plug-and-play General Ledger spreadsheet uploader solution. It provides an intuitive Excel interface for collecting and posting financial transactions to SAP.

A 360° Financial Solution

Report & Analyze
Budget & Forecast
Upload & Post
Excel dashboard

Excel reporting solutions for SAP FICO and beyond enable real-time data refreshes with ad hoc inquiry, and drill down to line items, documents, and attachments. This means you can spend time analyzing the data, not exporting and formatting it.

Wands Reporting Dashboard

Excel-based reporting and budget-loading solutions let you create, load, and analyze budgets better and faster. Mass create and distribute budget models, create rolling forecasts, and develop cost allocation models and dynamic dashboards so you can easily meet essential financial budgeting and forecasting requirements.

Excel dashboard

Eliminate cumbersome, error-prone processes for uploading budget plans or large batches of journals into your ERP system. Enjoy a 360° month-end close process and expedited planning and budgeting cycles.


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